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Cumin Seed and Ground

Comido Entero y Molido

Cloves Ground and Whole

Clavo Molido y Entero



Cumin Ground can also be purchased in bulk 50lb. boxes or 5lb. small cases.


Black pepper ground and whole

Pimienta Negra Molida y Entera

Cloves Whole, as well as Cloves Ground can be purchased in 50lb. bulk boxes, 5lb. boxes jugs or jars.

Great for flavor and garnishing your gourmet meals. Parsley comes in various different presentations: 1/2lb. bag, 1lb. bag, 5lb. bag, and 16lb. bulk case.

Black Pepper Ground is table grind/restaurant grind/ 34' mesh. It can be purchased in 5 lb. boxes, 5lb. plastic spice jar, or 50 lb. bulk box.

Black Pepper Whole can be purchased in 50lb bulk, 5lb boxes or jugs.

Bay Leaves

Hoja de Laurel

Cloves Ground can be purchased in 50 lb. bulk boxes, 5lb. boxes, jugs or jars.

Bay Leaves are hand selected from Turkish origin and are offered in 5lb. bags, 1 lb. bags, or bulk 25 lb. boxes.

Cumin Seed can be purchased in a bulk 50lb. box or in 5lb. boxes.

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